Solida and Glen

“God has given me a heart for women. So when I see hurting women, I hurt. When I see them cry, I cry. When I see them happy, I’m happy also.”

Precious Women Ministry evolved from the desire of one woman, Solida Seng, to help young women working in KBB establishments (karaoke bars and beer gardens) in Phnom Penh to choose a better life.  Solida was moved by the plight of these young women who were often coerced into having sex with the male customers for additional tips, because they were struggling to meet the financial needs of their families.

From 2008-2010, Solida was working with Chab Dai in Cambodia and visited many different areas of the country. When she went to Toul Kork she came face to face with the reality of the sex industry, as many women in prostitution live and work in this area.

“Working as a prostitute is not easy and it is not my wish, but I have no choice as I am very poor. I have no education, and no home. I am never happy, and I don’t have any dignity in this life. I don’t feel like I can talk to other people, even my family. People say that I am ugly, lazy, and crazy because I chose to work in this job. They never try to understand what has happened in my life.”

In February 2010, Solida and her friends came together to pray about how they could help these women. She knew that if she was going to make a difference she would need the help of a willing team of volunteers, so she set to work contacting other people who could help her. Precious Women was born!

With Solida’s first donations, she designed and printed Precious Women’s first business cards to distribute to the women at the karaoke bars and beer gardens, explaining Precious Women’s principles and contact information.

Precious Women has now helped thousands of women from KBB establishments across Phnom Penh to regain their dignity and hope, and work in an environment free from exploitation. Precious Women continues to reach out and build relationships with women to give them new hope through empowerment training and careful counseling, and to help them gain back their dignity through education, new skills training, and employment opportunities.

We are grateful to our many sponsors and individual donors for their vital financial support so that this ministry can continue to grow!


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