Night Outreach

Precious Women’s Outreach teams visit beer g20140718_204046ardens and karaoke bars in Phnom Penh. The Outreach staff talk to the women, listen to their stories, and introduce them to the opportunities available to them at Precious Women.  This all begins with building relationships and ensuring that the women feel respected and safe. Staff collect information to asses the women’s needs, recognize their vulnerable situation, and enable Precious Women’s resources to meet their specific needs. In an area so darkened by exploitation and abuse we desire to bring the light and freedom of God.

Our ultimate aim is to protect women from exploitation and to help them regain hope and start the healing process, so that their lives can be transformed. We empower women to look at their lives and we give them the opportunity to learn new skills to earn an income in an environment free from exploitation.

We continue to pursue relationships and conversations with the women as we visit over the months, and we invite them to join in other events and programs at Precious Women.

Empowerment Training and Fellowship Parties

fellowshipEmpowerment Training sessions are organized at the Karaoke bars and Beer gardens. This is one of the ways that the Outreach staff continue building relationships with the women. This program provides training on Life Skills topics such as: women’s rights and asserting their rights, women’s self-development,  self-awareness, and crisis pregnancy. The empowerment training is based off of Precious Women’s Life Skills Book.

Once a month we hold Fellowship Parties, and invite women that we have met through the Outreach programs. We also hold Special Events three times a year for Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, and Christmas. At these events we invite our partner organizations, all women in programs, women who have graduated in the past, and all staff.

These are always joyful parties! It is a time of bonding and sharing feelings, and it provides a place where the women can seek help, have fun, and enjoy themselves in a safe space. The parties include games and activities for them to get involved in, as well as an encouraging message. We usually have around 50 to 100 women and children attend the parties. It is a wonderful opportunity for staff to get to know the women better, and to enable Precious Women’s resources to meet each woman’s specific needs.

Voice of Hope Radio Program

1060185_10200876054537724_605669013_nThe Voice of Hope radio program is broadcasted once a week through the Women’s Media Center 102FM in Cambodia. This radio broadcast raises awareness about women working in the entertainment industry in the KBB’s (karaoke bars and beer gardens). It covers topics such as women’s rights, safe migration, crisis pregnancy, and life in the KBB’s.

A segment of the show is given for call-ins, for listeners to share from their own experiences, and to ask questions. Through this show many relationships are built with women, as they call in and seek help from Precious Women.


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