Founder and Executive Director – Solida Seng

Solida Seng is the Founder and Executive Director of Precious Women. She founded the organization in 2010. Prior to her work at Precious Women, she worked as the Project Coordinator for Chab Dai. Solida has many responsibilities as the Executive Director of Precious Women. Some of these duties include her communication with donors, support given to staff, decision making, future planning, organization of meetings, and counseling and care for staff. Solida feels God’s calling on her life to do this work. Read more about how Precious Women was founded, under History.






Operation Director – Sopheak Kong

Sopheak Kong is the Operation Director at Precious Women. She joined the team in August 2012. She oversees all the programs and program staff. Before working at Precious Women, Sopheak was a teacher at Destiny’s Hope. She feels God’s call on her life to do this work. She wants to help women who are exploited, by promoting their value, dignity and rights and showing them the love of God. One of Sopheak’s hobbies is singing worship songs.

Administrative Officer – Vanny Brach

Vanny Brach is the Administrative Officer at Precious Women. She has been a part of the team since February 2011. She takes care of the financial responsibilities of the organization such as expense entries, monthly finance reports, and checking in with all the staff. Vanny appreciates that she can use her skills to provide support to the women. Since God has given her help and encouragement, she wants to pass that on to encourage other women also. When Vanny isn’t working she enjoys visiting her hometown, and swimming in the ocean.





Butterfly Program Coordinator – Samol Neang

Samol Neang is the Butterfly Program Coordinator for Precious Women. He has been a part of the team since April 2014. He oversees the Vocational Training and Scholarship program and Counseling and Health Support. He contacts women that may want to join the programs at Precious Women, goes through interviews with them to see if the women meet the criteria, meets with their families, and continues follow up with the women for one year after training completion. Samol studied Psychology in university, and is passionate about giving opportunities to women who have been exploited. Before working for Precious Women, Samol worked for World Hope. He loves this area of work because he wants women who have previously been exploited to be living again with value and dignity. When Samol isn’t working he enjoys reading, studying and completing his English homework, and he hopes to one day be able to complete his Masters studies.



Director’s Assistant – Allison Montgomery

Allison Montgomery is the Executive Director’s Assistant, assisting Solida in her various tasks. Allison makes reports, updates, newsletters, and grant proposals for Precious Women, gives support to program staff, and helps with fundraising. Allison graduated from university in Canada in International Development and has been at Precious Women since 2014. Allison’s greatest joy in working at Precious Women is building relationships with other staff members and the women in programs, and seeing transformation in women’s lives. She enjoys being in a role where she can provide support to Solida and all the program staff. Allison loves traveling, journaling, being with friends every possible moment, and drinking coffee.

Hong Meng Y – IT Support

Hong Meng Y is IT Support at Precious Women. He joined the team in October 2017. He studied Information Technology at the National University of Management. He is responsible for many tasks including providing support to all the staff, designing documents, and creating videos. He likes working at Precious Women because he likes helping all the staff with their computer needs, and using his skills in design. He likes to create work to be able to share Precious Women with the country, and the world. In his free time, he likes watching movies, researching about new technology, and playing games.

Accountant Assistant: Sakorn Saom

Sakorn is the Accountant Assistant at Precious Women. She began working for Precious Women in May 2016. Before she worked at Precious Women, she worked as a receptionist. Sakorn is studying Finance and Banking at Western University. Sakorn assists in the monthly financial responsibilities, such as settlements, finance documents, and business with the bank. When Sakorn isn’t working and studying, she loves to be with her friends, talking and having fun.

Outreach Staff – Chamreun Seng

chamreunChamreun Seng is an Outreach Staff for the Friday Night Outreach Program. He has worked for Precious Women since 2010 when it was founded. He was previously in charge of the handicraft training program. Before he began his work at Precious Women he had been praying that God would show him a way to help women get away from the exploitation of the entertainment industry. He wants their lives to be changed, and he greatly enjoys the part he gets to play in that here at Precious Women. When Chamreun isn’t working, he enjoys playing tennis, swimming, and reading.

Social Worker – Sothea Norng

Sothea Norng is the Social Worker at Precious Women. She has been a part of the team since May 2014. Previously, Sothea had an internship with a micro finance organization. At Precious Women, some of her duties include finding new clients, doing family assessments, check up with clients, and building good relationships with partner NGO’s. She enjoys working for Precious Women because she loves the women here, and the opportunity to help people in her own country. When Sothea isn’t working, she enjoys traveling around Cambodia, and cooking Khmer food.


Beauty Trainer – Lay Malyda

Lay Malyda is the Beauty Trainer for Precious Women’s Vocational Training in Beauty Salon skills. She has been working for Precious Women since June 2016. Malyda enjoys this job because she is able to use her skills to help women in the entertainment industry. She wants Precious Women to continue to grow to give worth to women. In her free time, Malyda enjoys cooking, cleaning the house, and doing other necessary chores.


Janitor and Cook- Mouy Ly

Mouy Ly is the janitor and cook at Precious Women. She makes a clean working environment for all the staff in the office. She also prepares meals for staff and students throughout the week. She joined the team in October 2017. Before this job she worked in a hotel, and studied high school. She likes working at Precious Women because she likes to see women from the entertainment industry helped, and given a way out from the discrimination that they face. In her free time she likes talking with her neighbours, listening to music, dancing and making food.

Nightguard and Volunteer Admin Assistant – Mok Mony

Mok Mony is Night Guard and Admin Assistant. He started working as night guard in March 2017, and began volunteering in April 2017. As guard, he is responsible for watching over the office at nighttime. His responsibilities as Admin Assistant include preparing documents, buying office supplies, and providing assistance to other programs as needed. This is his first job, and he is currently studying Management at Human Resources University. He likes working for Precious Women because it is a Christian organization, and he sees how women are being helped to improve their lives. In his spare time he likes playing sports, listening to music, and playing games.




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